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Upcoming Event:

Join Bustillo Physical Therapy's team "I Love Lucy" in the Walk to End Alzhiemer's event on November 8, 2014 in downtown Phoenix.  For more information regarding the walk or to register for the event visit the Alzheimer's Association website:

Any questions please call our office at (480) 892-0808.  Everyone has a reason to End Alzheimer's. Come and join us!


Putting Motion Into Life

Our goal at Bustillo Physical Therapy is to provide you with the highest quality physical therapy services enabling you to achieve your best level of function following injury, illness or surgery.

Your physical therapists at Bustillo Physical Therapy specialize in orthopaedic manual therapy, where tissue tolerance and mobility as well as the quality and quantity of joint motion are continually assessed. They proudly work with you to develop a plan of care tailored to your goals.

Why Bustillo Physical Therapy?

One-on-One Care

At BPT, you will always be treated by a licensed physical therapist. You will not be handed off to a technician or assistant, but rather receive guided instruction by your physical therapist. Orthopedic physical therapy requires continuous assessment and reassessment of pain and movement impairments, requiring the skill of a licensed physical therapist.

Hands On Care

Manual physical therapy is at the core of the care that we provide. At BPT you will always receive hands on intervention to relieve pain and help facilitate or restore normal movement. This may include joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, manual lymphatic drainage or manual resistance exercises.

Specialized Care

Your physical therapists at BPT are Doctors of Physical Therapy who have pursued advanced training and certification in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. They have advanced clinical knowledge and skills to help you effectively and efficiently reach your goals.

Experience the Bustillo Physical Therapy difference!

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